2 Kinds of Water Damage You Should Avoid

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Water can cause lots of damage. If it gets into your home, it can destroy belongings, weaken the structure, and cause mold growth. There are some water damage occurrences that can’t be avoided, including those that come from nature in the form of floods or heavy storms. However, there are two kinds of water damage that can be avoided, and these include leaks within the home and from outside of it.

Leaks inside the home can come from a variety of different sources. These can include appliances as well as pipes. To ensure that these sources don’t cause major water damage, you should check your appliances every once in a while to ensure everything is working properly.

For fridges, this means checking the water line and the freezer to ensure that nothing is cracked or broken. For air conditioners, you’ll need to check the condensate drain line to make sure it isn’t clogged, cracked, or broken. Keeping an eye on the washing machine and its hoses will also help prevent water from leaking into the home from this appliance.

As for pipes, taking precautions to ensure that they are insulated so they don’t freeze in cold weather is important. You may also need to check the age of pipes and get old ones replaced. Checking the seals on plumbing that feeds into showers, tubs, and toilets is also important. If any of these seem to be having a problem, getting it taken care of immediately will be less expensive than waiting for it to turn into a major water damage.

When it comes to sources outside that can cause water damage, a few things to check include that hoses have been turned off. If left to run, water can easily find its way through the foundation and into the home. If you have a sprinkler system, you’ll need to get it winterized and the lines flushed so that they don’t freeze and break during cold weather.

Having trees and other plants near your home could also cause water damage issues. Roots can easily push their way against or through concrete and allow water to seep through during regular watering or during a storm. Correcting these issues early will prevent major damage from occurring.

Some water damage is unavoidable, but some can be prevented. The two types of water damage you should avoid include those that come from water sources inside and outside the house. If you need assistance checking your home or repairing any damage, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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