2016 Bathroom Trends To Inspire Your New Year Renos

2016 bathroom trends - haye's plumbing

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No longer simply the room where you and for your family perform your morning and evening rituals (and everything in between), the bathroom is finally being recognized as the integral part of your home that it is, with sharp, smart and elegant design.

2016 has much in store by way of trends in bathroom design and build, and we round up our favourite below.

Let In Nature
Much can be said for the benefit of getting as much natural light in your bathroom as possible, but 2016 is all about incorporating natural elements, like wood. Though marble and ceramics will always have their place in washrooms, style-forward folks are eschewing the traditional for softer looks, opting for warm-toned wood textures – like solid wood counter tops – instead of the standard stone.

Don’t Forget The Greens
That being said, getting “greener” goes beyond sustainable building materials, as more and more designers are adding a touch of life to the bathroom aesthetic in the form of green plants. There are a handful of plants that survive and thrive in the humid bathroom environment, check out our detailed list here.

Heavy Metals
What started as a trickle in 2015 has turned into a flood for design in 2016, with designers happily embracing metal elements again. Upgrade your bathroom with brass, gold, silver, platinum and even brushed steel finishes for faucets and hardware.

Focal Points
Designers often tout the importance of having a single feature that stands out in a room, like a fireplace or massive piece of art. The same can be said for the bathroom, where many designs are moving away from the standard features and focusing on bold elements that stand alone. Walk-in showers and free-standing tubs are becoming increasingly popular, adding a spa-like luxury and that coveted designer look.

Let’s Get Techy
From smartphones and tablets to smart locks and security systems, technology is taking over the home, why should your bathroom be left out? Slow to hit the market, smart shower systems are quickly gaining in popularity. From the ability to set the parameters to ensure the perfect shower every time, to rocking out to your favourite tunes while you take your bathroom break, customizing your daily shower is just a button-touch away.

Colour Your Life
Though Benjamin Moore has named their colour of the year Simply White, design forecasts call for colour, and lots of it! Good news for those who like bold hues, because Behr released their 2016 colour palette and it is anything but boring. Their multicultural colour palette is brightly inspiring, and sure to liven up any space.

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