3 Dangers within Unfiltered Water

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Doctors now recommend that we drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day to stay healthy. But contaminants in our drinking water could be preventing us from achieving our optimal health over time. Unfiltered water can sometimes be dangerous to those living within the home. And within this blog, we’ll highlight three of the leading dangers of drinking unfiltered tap water.


There are over 35,000 known pesticides within the scientific community. And yet municipal water treatment facilities only test for 6 of these pesticides when providing water to communities across Canada. Pesticides within drinking water are of particular concern to those living within rural communities, in which modern farming practices dictate the need for heavy use of pesticide products. In addition, pesticides have also been linked with an increase in food allergies across North America. Products such as reverse osmosis filters and activated carbon filtration can help remove these pesticides from drinking water.


Predominantly found within homes that were built before 1986, lead piping system can cause significant water contamination issues. The degradation of lead piping can cause lead to leech into the water. This lead can then cause numerous health problems when consumed by people within the family home. Lead poisoning can impact children significantly and cause slowed growth and learning difficulties. By utilizing effective filtration technology, homeowners can prevent lead from contaminating their home.


Many people now flush their medication down the toilet when the medicine is no longer useful. This unsafe disposal method has been used for many years and has led to a large growth in the number of dangerous pharmaceutical products within our drinking water. Products such as antibiotics, antidepressants and prescription hormones have been found within our national waterways. And these products are slowly making their way into homes across the country through our water treatment facilities. Without adequate home protection, these products can be ingested and may cause numerous long-term health issues.

To secure their home and their families against the threats of untreated water, it is imperative homeowners integrate the latest filtration products within their properties. To learn more, contact our experts directly

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