3 Mistakes Homeowners Make in Trying to Unclog Drains

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It’s happened to almost all homeowners at one point or another. That dreaded clogged drain which seems to take hours to become unclogged. When becoming frustrated with clogged drain in their home, property owners make a wide-range of mistakes in how they handle this issue. And within this latest post, we’ll explore three of the most common mistakes homeowners make when trying to unclog drains.

1. Trying to Dismantle the Pipe

Plumbers train for many years to learn how to expertly dis-assemble and put back together home piping for optimal home safety, and so homeowners without any plumbing qualifications can rarely complete this work effectively. Try to avoid removing any home plumbing elements when dealing with a clogged drain. Work with experts if you feel your system must be taken apart.

2. Moving a Snake Quickly Down the Pipe

Many homeowners become frustrated with the clog in their drains and will try to work the snake down the drain quickly. This can cause a number of further plumbing problems. It’s important to work the snake down the drain slowly and be wary of how pipes turn when the snake is moving down. Thick clogs may often require you to place the snake down the system several times before the problem is resolved. If the clog doesn’t seem to be moving after several hours of trying with a home snake, call the professionals in to resolve the issue. They often have camera-equipped snakes they can use to visualize clogs and quickly remove them from the drain.

3. Exceeding the Recommended Amount of Drain Cleaner

A common cause of significant damage to home drain systems is the over-use of drain cleaning products. While these chemically-based products can be useful in breaking down organic waste that is lodged within a drain, they also contain harmful contaminants that can cause comprehensive structural damage to the drain and to the pipes below. It’s important to follow all manufacturer instructions carefully when using drain cleaning products. Contact a local plumbing expert if you’re struggling with a clogged system even after carefully using drain cleaning products.

A home drain system is a critical path way out of the home into the wider local plumbing network. Try to treat the area with great care when resolving clogs, and contact our trusted team directly if you’re experiencing persistent issues with clogged drains.

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