3 Tips for Resolving Water Pressure Issues

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Low water pressure can become a burden if you’re a homeowner with a busy lifestyle without the time to wait for a shower or sink to reach maximum flow. Low flow or low water pressure has numerous potential causes within the average family home but fortunately these problems can be mitigated through various maintenance techniques. In this blog, we’ll outline three tips for resolving water pressure issues.

1. Clean Out Showerheads and Faucets

Over time, the water being piped into your home may cause mineral build up within showerheads and faucets. This build-up can block the optimal flow of water through the system and prevent full water pressure being achieved. Signs of a mineral build-up include obvious discolouration and small fragments of debris. To clean the showerhead, simply unscrew the head from the shower and then place it in a saucepan with vinegar. Apply a small amount of heat on a stove top and this should remove the mineral deposits from the system. You can then rinse the showerhead and attach it back onto the shower system.

2. Ensure All Home Leaks are repaired

Home leaks are one of the most common causes of water pressure loss. These leaks cause low water pressure by minimizing the amount of water that arrives at the faucet for home use. It’s important to check regularly for leaks if water pressure issues continue over time. The easiest way to review a property for leaks is to first shut off the water to the home by shutting down the main water valve. Then note down the reading on the water meter. Wait two hours and then come back to the water meter. If the reading has changed, there is a leak within the property. This problem must be analyzed by a professional to ensure the safety of the home and to ensure the issue is resolved permanently.

3. Hire a Professional Plumber if the Problem Persists

When a water pressure issue continues within your home for a few weeks or more, it’s important to contact a professional to help resolve the problem. Water pressure issues tend to become worse over time. This means that the longer the issue is left unresolved, the more expensive or challenging a potential resolution becomes. Contact a local plumber directly to ensure that pressure issues are effectively resolved and the home’s systems are functioning to their peak capacity.

A home water pressure issue can significantly degrade home comfort levels. If your property is currently experiencing a water pressure problem, speak with one of our experts directly to learn more on the range of maintenance options available.



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