5 Accessories that can Transform a Bathroom Space

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Homeowners don’t require a large and expensive renovation project to transform their bathroom spaces. Through some creative thinking, they can add value to their bathroom areas without overly extending their budget. Within this blog, we’ll take a look at 5 accessories that can revitalize bathroom designs.

1. Chrome Curtain Hooks

With many homes still using older plastic curtain hooks to attach the curtain to the shower rod, homeowners can achieve a significant enhancement by installing chrome curtain hooks. These affordable items add a touch of class to bathroom décor and can help provide balance to the various colour tones within the bathroom space.

2. Hanging Lighting Fixtures

By installing a hanging lighting fixture in the bathroom space, homeowners can draw attention to the ceiling area. Hanging lighting fixtures can also help give the illusion of space to the bathroom area by illuminating all areas.

3. Sturdy Shelving

Shelving can help de-clutter bathroom spaces. Homeowners often find their bathrooms littered with hair care, skin care, and oral care products. Adding shelving to the bathroom space can help create more room on the countertop. A simple shelving system can help clear areas and eliminate a source of stress in the process.

4. Bathroom Rugs

The effective placement of bathroom rugs can transform a bathroom from a stale, functional space to a welcoming and cozy environment. There are numerous options to select from across the marketplace, but the best choices are often those featuring neutral colours and cushioned material that is soft-to-the-touch, repels water and dries quickly.

5. Heated Towel Rail

During the wintertime, that feeling of cool air against the skin after a nice hot shower can be a brisk reminder of the falling temperatures outside. To keep warm this season and in future winters, why not add a heated towel rail to the bathroom? A heated towel rail will ensure that all towels provide cozy warmth immediately after a shower. It’s a low cost accessory that will add long-term value to the property for residents and guests alike.

By utilizing the products highlighted in this article, homeowners across the country can enhance their bathroom and drive greater value within their property. To learn more on the bathroom renovation process, speak with one of our equipment experts directly. 

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