5 Areas to Add an Extra Bathroom

Bathroom space

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Are you tired of having to wait until it’s your turn to take a shower every morning? Are you frustrated about not being able to go when you need to go because someone’s still in the bathroom? If so, perhaps it is time for you to consider getting an extra bathroom done. If you think you’ve got no space left for an extra bathroom, you have to pause and think hard again. A bathroom can be easily squeezed into most houses. After all, you need very little space for bathroom fixtures.


For example, if you really need an extra bathroom, your walk-in closet can be the perfect spot for your powder room or bathroom. The plus? You won’t need to tear down the walls! Here are some great places to consider for that additional bathroom:


  1. Part of Your Bedroom: If your bedroom is quite spacious, perhaps you can steal about 3 feet from the area to turn it onto a small bathroom. That could easily fit in a toilet, a shower stall, and a sink!
  2. Under a staircase: If Harry Potter was able to use this space as his bedroom, there is no reason for you not to be able to add a toilet and a sink in the same area of your house. Don’t forget to consider headroom though!
  3. Your Big Bathroom: On average, the space you need for a sink, tub, and toilet, would be 5X6 feet. If you think your existing bathroom is a whole lot bigger than that, perhaps you can split it into two!
  4. First Floor Laundry: Do you really need all that space for your laundry room? Perhaps you can go with more modern appliances that use up less room and reclaim what space is left for a half bath!
  5. Long Hallway: If your house is one of those with a hallway, perhaps you would want to look at the end of that space. Let’s admit, you probably rarely even reach that part that may or may not have a window. That may also have about 30 or 40 square feet that is not being used. That space is sufficient for a bathroom!

Now that you probably have found a spot for your extra bathroom, you can start planning! To make things easier for you, you can give Hayes Plumbing a call. We can give you that bathroom you’ve always wanted!

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