5 Bathroom Luxuries We Drool Over

5 bathroom luxuries we drool over - haye's plumbing

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Expensive soaps and heated towel racks can make your bathroom feel a little more special, but what would you splurge on to turn your bathroom into a true sanctuary? These bathroom luxuries will leave you considering a bathroom remodel:

Soaker Tub
Is there anything more relaxing than easing your tired body into a hot bath at the end of a long day? Not only can a good soak lower your blood pressure, sitting in hot water can also help your cardiovascular health.

Any tub will do for a soak but for a real bath connoisseur, nothing less than a soaker tub will do. Soaker tubs are deep enough to submerge your entire body under water. You can find them in several styles – classic clawfoot, which adds a regal touch to your bathing space; corner tubs, which allow for a bigger tub and can open up the room; or Japanese soaker tubs, which feature a smaller footprint but ample depth for soaking.

The beautiful thing about soaker tubs, they are a luxury most homeowners can afford, since you can customize to your style and tastes.

Heated Floors
Stepping out of a warm shower onto a warm tile floor is a luxury we can all appreciate in this cold climate. Heated tile floors are a great investment and lovely feature to wake up to.

Heated floors come in two varieties:

  • Electric radiant, where an electrical current is applied to a heating element below the tile
  • Hydronic heating, where heated water is distributed through a complex tubing system below the tile

Radiant floor heating not only keeps your tootsies toasty, it keeps the rest of you comfortable too – waves of infrared radiation rising from the floor warm the room, ensuring that heat isn’t lost to surrounding surfaces.

Rainfall Shower Heads
Gentle, tranquil, relaxing – doesn’t that sound like a better way to start your day? Turn an average shower into an exceptional one by replacing that old shower head with a rainfall simulating shower head. A rainfall spray shower simulates natural rainfall from over head, offering greater coverage for a total body shower experience. Many of these shower heads also feature numerous settings so that you can switch between streams and water pressures for the perfect shower every time.

Oodles of Natural Light
Nothing can replace the texture and quality of natural light, especially in the bathroom. Floor to ceiling windows or well-placed skylights let in oodles of beautiful natural light and the tranquillity of nature.

Want more natural light in your bathroom? Check out this blog for inspiration

Smart Shower Systems
Your security system is smart, your thermostat is smart, your light-bulbs are smart, shouldn’t your shower be smart too? Though it seems like a logical conflict – water and technology are natural born enemies – a digital shower really upgrades your showering experience. These systems are designed so you can control the flow and temperature of water at the touch of a button. Each shower experience is individually customizable, as a digital display lets you know how much water is being used, at what temperature and what pressure.

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