5 Beautiful Styles Of Bathroom Sink

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You use it every day to wash your hands and brush your teeth, but do you ever really notice the bathroom sink? Subject to repeated use and abuse, this necessary piece of functional furniture can be easily overlooked. But whether you’re remodelling or simply replacing an old sink, these beautiful styles and materials can turn the most used piece in your bathroom into the focal point:

In general, a vessel sink is a large bowl that sits completely on top of the counter top, though there are models that sit partially below the counter. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as glass, metal, stone or ceramic, to suit your particular design tastes.

Beautiful and modern, they are unlike most sinks as they demand attention and create a statement in your bathroom. It is quite deep and can hold plenty of water.

Keep in mind – vessel sinks tend to be quite deep and since they sit above the counter, you’ll need to plan accordingly to balance out the counter height and the height of the cabinets below to make sure they sink isn’t too high and uncomfortable.

Recycled Glass
A green option that is just plain gorgeous, recycled glass sinks are as stylish as they are gentle on the environment. Most commonly they’re made from locally sourced recycled glass bottles and industrial glass, like that from construction sites or car windows and windshields. The glass is heated and shaped flat, then formed into a high recycled content vessel sink or bowl.

Often, glass is mixed with other recycled aggregates like porcelain, grass and cloth fibres to create interesting designs, patterns and colour options.

More often spotted in sleek boutique hotels and restaurant bathrooms, washplane sinks are a simple, slim and stylish option for a modern bathroom. Streamline in design, washplane sinks take up very little space, and look beautiful in ceramic, porcelain or glass styles, as well as granite, marble or engineered stone.

Since washplane sinks are extremely shallow and not designed to hold water, they’re best suited to the powder room where the sink is used just used for hand washing.

For the nature lover, incorporating a wood sink in your bathroom design can be an unexpected and exotic way to use natural materials. Make sure you seek an eco-friendly wood that is either salvaged or certified, and that the surface is treated and sealed with oil or a no- or low-VOC sealer.

Gorgeous and sustainable, wood sinks require a little more care than stone or glass to avoid excessive damage to the surface by aggressive cleaners and cleaning methods. Soft wood types are susceptible to denting and nicking.

Another option for the nature lover, natural stone sinks offer a rustic touch to your bathroom. Stone is highly durable, sustainable, and comes in a variety of materials – like marble, granite or travertine, as well as shapes and depths.

As design trends drift away from modern and towards the Old World style of natural materials, the use of stone elements in the bathroom is becoming increasingly more popular. Opt for a polished and carved sink, or leave the exterior in it’s natural state for a more rugged finish that is somehow refined.

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