5 Common Plumbing Myths: Debunked

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With the unlimited ‘information’ available to you online, it’s very easy to be misled by common misconceptions and myths about things – even about plumbing. You’d be glad to know however that Hayes Plumbing genuinely cares for you and your plumbing, whether it’s in your home or business. That is why we have rounded up for you five of the most common plumbing myths… and we’re debunking them.


Here they are:

  1. As long as the drain is letting water through, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Oh no. That is simply not true. Most plumbing problems, big or small, do not just happen immediately. If you’re noticing something different about the way your drains work, like it’s taking longer for it to drain than usual, it could indicate a problem arising. Have it checked at once and do not ignore it.

  1. Your toilet is tough, so you can flush anything down.

Please don’t. If it’s not intended for the toilet, then do not send it down. Otherwise, that could mean trouble for you pretty soon. Things that should not be flushed away include baby wipes, paper towels, cigarette butts, cat litter, and more.

  1. Your regular hand soap is great for your plumbing fixtures, too.

Not at all! Hand soaps are called so, because they do wonders for washing your hands but not much else. In fact, it is so wrong for your fixtures that it can easily dull and even corrode them. There are specialty cleaners for plumbing fixtures that are manufactured for that very purpose. Choose one that works best for the kind of finish your fixtures have.

  1. All you need to fix your problem is that commercial drain cleaner you see on TV.

We know it looks promising, especially when you see the relieved look of the model when her problem is easily fixed by simply pouring that drain cleaner down. Do not be swayed by exaggerated advertising. Most of the time, not only do those cleaners not solve the problem, they can actually add to the damage, too! There’s just one solution to major plumbing problems, and that is to call a highly-skilled plumber.

  1. A lifetime warranty means you can go with any cheap plumbing products.

This can be tempting, but it’s definitely going to be something you will regret. If you get a cheap plumbing equipment and it gets damaged (as you can expect it will be) then it will just be replaced by yet another cheap product. This can just go on and on, and you’ll never get the quality you deserve.



These common plumbing myths have already fooled a lot of home and business owners. Don’t be one of them! If you want to know more about the proper care your plumbing requires, as well as our many high quality services, do not hesitate to call. Hayes Plumbing can take care of your plumbing system. Now that’s a fact.


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