5 Common Warm Weather Plumbing Issue

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The summer is now here and homeowners are now enjoying the wonderful warm weather the season brings. But you may find that the arrival of the summer sunshine has coincided with several new plumbing issues within your home. Many plumbing problems are prevalent during summer and within this post, our team will outline five of the most common warm weather plumbing issues.
1. High Water Bills
During the summer season, you’ll likely be using your washing machine and sprinkler systems more, leading to higher than average water costs over the summer months. However, you may be able to save money on your home water bills by analyzing the performance of your home systems. A crack in the hose of a washing machine can lead to hundreds of dollar more in water costs over several summer months!
2. Clogged Waste Disposal Systems
Those backyard barbeque parties with friends and family can be a great way to relax during the summer. But sometimes, food such as hard fruits and bones from meat can become clogged within the kitchen’s waste disposal system. Try to run cold water through the disposal system before and after use to clear away any food items that might otherwise cause clogs.
3. Sewer Line Backing Up
With thunderstorms and downpours a common occurrence across Ontario in the summer, many homeowners experience sewer line backups on their property. If you notice water leaking from sewer grates on to your home areas, it’s important to contact a plumbing specialist as soon as possible to get the problem resolved.
4. Damaged Sprinkler Heads
The heads of your home sprinkler systems can easily be damaged by your home lawnmower. A damaged head may require the entire system to undergo comprehensive maintenance as part of a repair job. Try to be as careful as possible when mowing the areas around your sprinkler and contact a professional as soon as any form of sprinkler system damage occurs to prevent significant expense.
5. Damage from Over-Used Dryers
Clothes dryers are a significant fire hazard when the equipment’s lint trap is not cleaned regularly. It’s very common for over-worked home dryers to catch fire and cause home damage during the summer season, as this is the time when your family is most likely to be cleaning their clothes the most regularly after being outside all day. Try to clean your lint trip before and after each use to keep your property safe.
Effective home plumbing maintenance can keep your home safe this summer! To learn further information on the most common home plumbing issues, speak with our trusted team directly!

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