5 Common Water Heater Issues

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There are a number of common water heater issues that homeowners experience. If this is your first one—welcome to the club. We meet on Tuesdays.
The common water heater issues listed below are regular afflictions. Some of which can be treated with DIY plumbing solutions—while others need to be treated by a professional.

5 Common Water Heater Issues
If you’ve been experiencing water heater issues, the problem you’ve been experiencing is likely listed below. Should your issue not be included below, it may be a less-common issue—in which case you should call the plumbing pros, the Hayes Bros.

1. Lack of Hot Water

If your gas water heater isn’t producing any hot water then you will want to check the pilot light. Pilot lights fizzle out from time to time, simply relight it and your water heater should be back to hot-water producing glory (we’re kidding—water heaters never get any glory). If the pilot light continually goes out you may need a new thermocouple. For electric water heaters with no hot water, the electric heating element may have broken.

2. Rusty-Coloured Water

Should your water have a rusty tinge to it, you may have a corroded anode rod. When node rods dissolve the rust enters your water, which causes discolouration. You will need to have the rod replaced.

3. Your Water is Smelly

Water that has a funny smell to it (commonly a rotten egg-like scent) there is likely bacteria in your tank. This is cured easily, by adding a couple pints of water along with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Leave it for two hours then drain and refill the tank. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to have your anode rod replaced with a zinc-alloy version.

4. Noise

Water heaters that make excessive noise (commonly these are popping sounds or a high-pitched squeal) generally have too much sediment. You will need to manually flush the sediment out.

5. Leaks

Water heater leaks are generally caused by water that has been overheated. This causes the water to expand and leak out of the tank. Adjust your thermostat. If that works problem solved. If it doesn’t then you may need to replace the valve, or your water heater my have a leak due to rust or corrosion.

If your common water heater issues can’t be solved easily on your own, then you will need to call a professional. There’s no plumbers more professional than our team here at Hayes Plumbing—so call us today to diagnose your water heater issues.





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