5 Common Winter Plumbing Problems to Watch Out For

A small amount of water freezes into an icicle as it comes out of a tap, snow covers the ground in this picture. The tap has a snow covered red handle. This picture could be used to symbolize the problems with plumbing in the winter months.

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Every homeowner knows that as the winter season arrives, some challenges also begin to arise. Of course, the weather gets extremely cold, roads become icier and more dangerous, snow starts to pile up everywhere. These situations cannot be prevented. However, there are still some matters that are within your control if you catch them early, or better yet keep them from happening.

Here are some signs of common plumbing problems to look out for:

  1. When the weather in the Durham region gets truly cold, there is a risk of pipes freezing. You can of course prevent this from occurring by protecting your pipes. If however, you end up with a frozen pipe, you should shut off your main water supply at once. This could help lessen the possibility of a burst. To avoid further damage, call Hayes Plumbing – our experienced plumbers are always ready to help you.
  2. Naturally, your water heater would have to work a whole lot harder during winter as the temperature begins to drop way below zero. Because of this, your water heater becomes strained, especially if it hasn’t undergone any maintenance work in while.
  3. Your boilers are on hiatus the whole summer. Suddenly they are put under great strain in winter. This makes them more prone to breakdowns. If you feel your home is receiving inadequate heat, check your boiler pressure and see if the power source is working. Is it a little overwhelming? You can call one of our plumbers and we’ll gladly take a look at it for you.
  4. During winter, standing water can easily freeze and end up blocking your pipes. This blockage could then cause pressure buildup, and eventually lead to either a break or a leak. Use your shut-off valves at home to have your plumbing system running without a hitch.
  5. There are parts of your plumbing system that probably won’t be used over the winter. If you do not winterize them properly they could crack and freeze. We can provide you with more information about that, too.

Whenever you experience trouble with your plumbing system, and whatever those troubles may be, call Hayes Plumbing to take care of it all for you this winter. Our team of highly-trained professionals offers an array of plumbing, heating, water filtration, and bathroom renovation services. More importantly, we have a reliable 24/7 emergency service – so you can count on us any time of the day or night!



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