5 Plants That Thrive In The Bathroom

Bathroom Plants

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One of the best ways to bring light and life to your bathroom is with a beautiful plant, and even the worst gardeners can keep these hearty greens alive. Most house plants thrive in low light and high humidity conditions, anyway, so the bathroom is the perfect place for potting.

The Best Bathroom Plants

Not every plant is suited to survive the dim, damp conditions of the bathroom. The best plants are those which originate in tropical reasons, as they’re used to and comfortable with low light and high humidity conditions. Just because a plant can survive with little natural light doesn’t mean it will thrive in darkness forever – make sure your light fixtures use fluorescent bulbs, since their wavelengths are closest to those of the sun, and will help your plants survive.

Our favourite bathroom plants:

Philodendron – a mainstay in interior gardening, philodendron are easy to care for and if you pay close enough attention, they will know exactly what you need. Though philodendron do best indoors, they do well with an occasional visit outdoors in a shady spot when the weather permits.

Spider Plants – the spider plant is one of the easiest to grow, and also one of the most adaptive, capable of surviving under a wide range of conditions. These plants can tolerate a lot of abuse, which makes them great for those who aren’t very good at keeping plants alive. Most important, they require well-drained soil and indirect light to flourish, but don’t let the soil become too soggy or the roots may rot.  If possible, allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Pothos – Similar in look and feel to the philodendron, pothos offers an easy entry into the world of caring for houseplants for those who’ve never owned one before. They are easy to care for and undemanding – the perfect combination for those who tend to forget to water the plants for a week or two. Because they can survive in a variety of conditions, pothos does well in the bathroom, grown in a pot of dry soil or a vase full of water. Interestingly enough, they also do about as well when planted in nutrient rich soil as they do in nutrient poor soil.

Orchid – Delicate and stunning, most people shy away from cultivating orchids because these incredible flowers require a lot of TLC, but once all their basic needs are met – such as light, temperature, and humidity – they make an excellent indoor house plant.

Cast Iron Plant – also known as an iron plant or ballroom plant, the cast iron plant is extremely hardy, and favoured by those who don’t have a lot of time to focus on plant care, since they can survive even the most extreme conditions under which other plants would die.

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