5 Plumbing Supplies you Shouldn’t Live Without

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No proud, DIY, manly homeowner should be without basic plumbing supplies that equip you to be ready at the drop of a hat to become Mr. Fix It (or Mrs.!) in a plumbing emergency. And trust us—plumbing emergencies happen at the worst time, and need immediate remedy.

So, to help you be ready for your next plumbing emergency we’ve put together a list of the 7 plumbing supplies that you shouldn’t live without:


A plumber can literally never have enough washers. Not only are they needed on almost every plumbing device—they also wear out after a time and need to be replaced. So, our first tip is to have washers on hand, in every size needed to care for your various water-using appliances.


Not only can you never have enough washers—you can never have enough wrenches…and that isn’t just our manly side coming out all Tim-‘the-Tool-Man’-Taylor style. You can’t fix any plumbing devices without at least one wrench. One wrench won’t cut it however as the likelihood of your one wrench matching up with your emergency-plumbing task at hand is slimmer than a woman in a Calvin Klein ad. Before you stack up on 97 different wrenches though, consider purchasing one multi-purpose one like Black & Decker’s ReadyWrench.

3.Drain ‘Stuff’

Clogged drains are the most common scourge for homeowners—so get ready. Buy yourself some drain-unclogging chemicals and buy a snake. Also, learn how to use them, and learn how to remove the p-trap so that you can unclog your drain that way when needed.

4.Toilet Repair Kit

Just as drains clog, as sure as the sun will rise your toilet will break down. Most toilet issues are easy to fix yourself (unless there is an issue with the piping, bowl or seal), provided you have a toilet repair kit on hand. These generally consist of a replacement fill valve, refill tube, clip, flapper and float rod.

5.Sink Repair Kit

Ditto for sink repair. The parts are slightly different but having a sink repair kit on hand is a smart move. These contain bolts, nuts and washers and may contain a stem for the handle.

If you encounter a plumbing emergency or job that you simply can’t handle, even with these basic plumbing supplies—then call the pros here at Hayes.

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