5 Reasons to Call a Plumber in Oshawa IMMEDIATELY

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When you have a serious plumbing problem, you need it fixed—yesterday..or sooner.  But—when should you try to fix it yourself, and when should you call a plumber in Oshawa to book an immediate appointment?

To help you understand when to call a plumber in Oshawa immediately, we’ve put together a list of 5 reasons to call a plumber immediately.

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber in Oshawa IMMEDIATELY

1. Puddles of Water Where Puddles of Water SHOULDN’T Be!

If you see a puddle, or puddles, of water in your home and it isn’t raining…and you don’t have a hole in your roof—this is bad. You’ll want to turn off your main water line and call a plumber immediately to find the plumbing leak.

2. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a red flag that there could be a serious problem, like a burst pipe. So, check with your water company for any service issues, then check your pump. If the water service and pump are fine—then call us.

3. Leaking, Corroded and/or Rusted Water Heater

Water heaters that have rust and/or corrosion can be dangerous—and are a warning sign of problems to come. If your water heater has either issue, it could spring a serious leak or possibly catch fire. Rust or corrosion doesn’t mean you need a plumber there the next day—but soon.

4. Mould

Mould on your walls, ceilings or floors can be a sign that you have a small water leak. Leaks under your floors or in your walls often go undetected—but mould is the first sign. Without fixing these small leaks you risk continued mould, water damage to your home’s structure, rotting of your drywall and more. A plumber can find the leak and repair it—before it causes tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

5. Water Around your Toilet

If you notice a small puddle forming around the base of your toilet, or your toilet is rocking—give us a call. You likely have a leak in your toilet’s seal. Without fixing this issue the water can cause serious damage to your floor.

Other reasons to call a plumber in Oshawa immediately include:

  • Your plumbing job that you thought was DIY requires a permit
  • You have a drain blockage
  • Your shower faucet needs replacement
  • You have issues with your water heater (this is too expensive an item to damage with a DIY project)
  • Tub/toilet replacement
  • You need a Bathroom Renovation

If you have any of the above plumbing problems—call us today to schedule an immediate appointment!

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