5 Reasons you Should Use a Water Softener

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A water softener is worth its weight in calcium…literally! The amount of calcium and magnesium that it takes out of your water will quickly outweigh the device itself…but the minerals and device are neither here nor there—the really important element of water softeners are…listed below.

5 Reasons you Should Use a Water Softener
The reasons to opt for a water softener are a no-brainer—and after owning one you’ll wonder why it took you so long to install one (which is an extremely easy process!):

1. Better Hair

Hard water leaves a film on hair, which leaves it greasy, stringy and dingy. Rinsing your hair with soft water, conversely, will leave your hair shinier, light-weight and super-clean—while removing any existing build up! Water softener improves your hair as it allows your shampoo to lather more and your conditioner to remove build-up. (You also use less shampoo and conditioner for the same effect).

2. Easier Cleaning

It is a somewhat-known fact (please help us spread the word!) that cleaning surfaces—and laundry—is significantly easier with soft water. Not only does soap lather better, soft water empowers that soap to cut through a number of elements—including mould, stains and mildew!

3. Less Build Up in your Shower

While this option might not initially sound like it should be included above—if you’ve ever tried to remove or clean the shower mildew / scales that build up on your shower, to reveal the glass beneath…then you’ll know why it deserves its own category. This nearly-impossible product to remove from shower glass is a royal pain in the arse for many—but not for those with water softeners.

4. More Delicious Water

Hard water has a ‘chemical’ or ‘metallic’ taste. Softer water not only tastes better though—it also much healthier for you and your family.

5. Damaged Fixtures and Appliances

Hard water, and the minerals and elements it contains can ruin your fixtures over the long-term. A water softener can therefore extend the life of your fixtures AND your appliances—which is a good investment when you consider the cost of appliances.

If you want shinier hair, a cleaner home (with less effort!), less shower mildew, better-tasting water and to extend the lifecycle of your fixtures and appliances—then call Hayes today!

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