5 Signs Your Electric Water Heater is Failing

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Homeowners may discover that their water is not achieving the optimal level of warmth the next time they go for that pre-work shower or evening bath. As we enter the cooler months where water heat will become an essential element for comfort in the home, it’s imperative to find out the cause of a heating issue. Oftentimes, the property water heater is the central source. Here, we’ll examine five signs that an electric water heater is failing.


1. Excess Noise 

An excessive amount of noise can not only disrupt the home environment but can also mean there’s a functional issue with the water heater. The noise could be the result of sediment collecting in the tank. This sediment build-up can cause the heating element of the system to fail. Air bubbles moving up through the sediment cause the rumbling noises that are a sure-fire sign of a water heater issue.


2. Water Leaks

Puddles of water gathering around the water heater can be a small sign that there’s a large issue with the heating system. Leaks can occur when the system begins to rust over time due to oxidization. The problem could also be related to sediment trapped in a gasket, which then causes water to leak through plumbing connections. Expert plumbers can analyze the problem to determine whether the leak is coming from the system or the pipes.


3. Inconsistent Temperature

When the heater isn’t reaching the right temperature or the temperature of the water is inconsistent over a short period of time, the water heater is likely in a dysfunctional state. Heating inefficiency is one of the first signs most homeowners notice when their heater is failing. If there is no hot water at all, the heating element could have broken down and may require replacement.


4. Water Tastes Metallic

When the water within the home begins to taste metallic, there could be a problem with the components within the water heater. The metallic taste typically derives from dissolved iron and iron bacteria in the water and should be analyzed by an equipment specialist the moment it’s discovered.


By understanding the signs that point to water heater failure, homeowners can restore optimal heating performance to their property quickly. The faster the response, the more likely the problem can be resolved cost-effectively. Speak with our trusted specialists today to learn more about water heater issues.

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