5 Tips for a Successful Summer Bathroom Renovation

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The summer is widely considered one the most popular seasons in which to upgrade your home. With the warmer weather now here across Ontario, many homeowners are now planning their upcoming bathroom renovation projects. It’s important, before beginning the work, to understand how the most successful renovations are completed. Within this post, we’ll examine five tips for successful summer bathroom renovations.
1. Consider the Durability of Flooring Options
When selecting your flooring products, durability should be the leading consideration. While certain products might look great now in the summer light, they may cause you headaches later on when they chip and wear away after months of use. Products such as stone tiles and ceramic products are ideal for a highly durable bathroom flooring option.
2. Always Sit in a Bathtub Before Purchase
That ultra-long bathtub might look great at first, but you may find that it’s uncomfortable when you go to sit down inside. That’s why we recommend that you take the time to sit down in the bathtubs you select before you complete the purchase. You could save thousands of dollars in future system replacement costs!
3. Consult with Several Companies
While you might already have a company in mind to complete your home renovations, it’s important you get quotes from several companies before you sign a contract. This will ensure you get the best value for your money and find a specialist who has a comprehensive understanding on bathroom renovation work.
4. Consider Slide-In Doors to Save Space
Many homeowners are now looking to find ways to save space when enhancing their home. The normal hinged bathroom door takes a significant amount of space, and may prevent you from being able to include all the items you want in your new bathroom. Review the available slide-in door models on the market to find a product that opens up your new bathroom area.
5. Select a Vanity Space with Deep Drawers
Your vanity area will become an important storage element in your new bathroom. Try to find a vanity system with deep drawers to ensure you have enough room to store larger items such as hair dryers and trimmers.
By carefully going through the bathroom renovation process alongside an expert, you can ensure a streamlined home upgrade this summer! To learn more on how to complete an effective bathroom remodel, speak with our team directly!

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