5 Truths About Plumbing Leaks

An old pipe breaks in freezing weather in Baku, Azerbaijan

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When you look at a drippy faucet, it’s easy to ignore it as it seems quite harmless. In truth, however, those tiny drops could add up to a whole lot of wasted water. If you really think of it, plumbing leaks are bad both for the environment and your wallet, and on top of that, they can even destroy your home! Having leaks at home can be very frustrating, especially when you know that if you know something about fixing or just detecting a leak can save you from a lot of trouble.


Well, you may not learn enough to be an expert but these 5 truths will help you know about leaks:


  1. A single leak takes very little to be fixed. It costs really low you can hardly feel a dent on your wallet. If you still think a small leak won’t hurt and it’s okay to ignore it, know that it can easily rot your wood and drywall, cause mold problems, and even compromise your home’s very foundation. Now the cost of that damage is definitely going to hurt.
  2. In most cases, detection of plumbing leaks in a residential property can be difficult if not impossible. Because of this, the first thing you should is to thoroughly check your water billing statement each month. If you notice that your bill suddenly rises, chances are, there is a leak in either your pipes or your fixtures.
  3. Sometimes it is more effective to listen for a leak instead of looking for one. Often, plumbing leaks cause weird hissing or gurgling noises. You may hear them from beyond the walls. You may also hear the sound of running water although no plumbing is used. So keep your eyes open but also use your ears!
  4. One good way to check if there’s a leak is to make sure that no one is using water in the entire house. Observe your water meter for a few minutes. It should be steady. If it’s moving, that’s a clear indication that the plumbing needs repairing. You can then turn off your main shut-off valve. See if the dial is still turning. If so, it means the leak is not in your indoor plumbing system but between the valve and the meter itself.
  5. Your floor may also be giving you clues! If certain parts of your floor feels a little hot to the touch, make sure you remember which spot that is. It may be a sign that there is a hot water pipe leak underneath!


These are five very simple truths about plumbing leaks. If you do notice that there is a leak in your home, make sure to contact Hayes Plumbing at once so we can fix the problem for you in no time at all!

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