5 Ways to Create a Spa Inspired Bathroom

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The spa is an inviting place. A place where you can truly relax and let the stress of everyday life melt away. The only thing better than going to the spa would be having that spa feeling in your own home. Check out our tips on creating a spa inspired bathroom:


1. Make small seem big. Many bathrooms are on the small side, and feeling cramped up in a tiny box doesn’t promote relaxation. You can create an open, airy feeling even in a small bathroom. The key is to trick the eye into thinking the room is spacious. Use light marbled tile on walls and floors (white is best) and add mirrored surfaces where possible. Reflections from mirrors make rooms appear much larger. Floor to ceiling cabinets appear to stretch the room to new heights, while a clear glass shower door opens the bathing area. Cabinets should be in rich, warm wood tones to avoid a sterile feeling from too much white.


2. A calming shower. Standing in the rain is a calming feeling (provided the rain is not icy cold, of course). Bring that feeling of serenity into your shower with a rain shower head. Standing under a warm, gentle, steady rain is sure to wash your cares away.


3. Update your fixtures. Let’s face it-those blinding brass bathroom fixtures left over from the 80’s don’t exactly scream serenity. A spa is about embracing nature-replace your shiny old fixtures with new, subtle, subdued options. Choosing a fixture in a dark color with a brushed finish gives your bathroom a more rustic, natural feel.


4. Lighting. We all associate spas with candlelight. Soft, soothing candlelight. Not the harsh glare of that buzzing fluorescent monstrosity on your ceiling. Your new spa inspired bathroom should have soft lighting that resembles the glow of candlelight (with some real candles thrown in, of course). Consider installing wall sconces for new lighting. They cast a soft glow, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs.


5. Bathe in comfort. For those who prefer basking in a warm bath to standing in the shower, the perfect bathtub can make all the difference. Choose a new bathtub that looks comforting. Harsh edges and lines won’t allow any place to comfortably rest your head after a long and stressful day. Choose a tub with soft, oval shapes that are more inviting.


A few changes can transform your existing bathroom into a calm and inviting space where you can relax after a long day. Please contact us for more information regarding this rewarding project.

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