5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Kitchen Makeover

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All the studies show that kitchen renovations can help significantly improve the value of your home. They provide the best return on investment of any addition you could make to your property. But finding the initial capital to make that investment is not always easy. Fortunately, you can achieve that ideal kitchen redesign at a consolidated cost. And within this blog, we’ll highlight five ways to reduce the cost of a kitchen makeover.

1. Choose the Timing of the Renovation Carefully

One mistake that many homeowners make when beginning the renovation work is they don’t consider the timing of the project. The cost to hire a professional contractor during the peak of the summer renovation season will be far more expensive than it would during the depths of winter when few renovations are being completed. Some companies will be able to offer significant discounts to homeowners that choose wintertime renovations over summer upgrades.

2. Choose Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives

While that new granite countertop might look great in a brand new kitchen space, the cost could be a challenge for homeowners on a tight budget. There are other affordable alternatives from which to select. For those looking for that industrial kitchen appeal, stainless steel is a strong option. Quartz countertops can also hold their appeal over the long-term and combine elegance and durability within a kitchen renovation project.

3. Maintain the Current Kitchen Layout

One of the largest costs in any kitchen renovation work is the re-design process. Moving sinks from one area to another might help add space, but it could add a significant amount to the price of the project. By maintaining the current layout of the kitchen, you can find creative ways to improve the space while reducing your long-term expenditure.

4. Spend Time Researching Contractors

Many homeowners have wasted their renovation investments by selecting the wrong contractor for the work. They spend thousands upgrading their kitchen then the work has to be re-done due to poor quality workmanship during the initial renovation. Research all contractors carefully and only select those with many years’ experience in the industry.

5. Upgrade Rather than Replace Cabinets

Cabinetry is another of the high cost items within kitchen renovation projects. Homeowners can reduce their expenditure by simply upgrading cabinetry with better finishing or a more professional paint job. Your contractor should be able to complete this work during the renovation to help save time and ensure that you come in under-budget for the total project.

Through careful planning and consideration of all available upgrade options, you can reduce your costs when renovating your kitchen in the coming year. Contact our expert team directly get more information on achieving value during kitchen renovation projects.  

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