6 Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom vanities are no longer the yellow and blue built-in sinks and laminate counters that most of us had growing up—no sir, they’ve come a LONG way, in both design and functionality. Your options are now nearly endless, with every element of a bathroom entirely customizable—especially bathroom vanities.

To help you choose the perfect vanity for your home we’ve put together some of our favourite   ideas for bathroom vanities:

1. Use a Unique Sink
Sink varieties run the gauntlet from standard under-counter mounted to wall-mounted to bowl sinks. Regardless of the style you prefer—choose a stand-out piece. It will become a focal point in your washroom and with this one item you can give you bathroom some serious glamour. Our personal favourites are the super-modern infinity-style under counter-mounted sinks and glamorous bowl-style sinks. We generally recommend neutral tones in terms of colour though, in order to offer wide appeal that will add value to your home.

2. Bold Colour
Vanities have long been made of neutrally-toned cabinetry, but they don’t have to be. Adding a splash of colour to your washroom doesn’t always have to be achieved with an ‘accent wall’, it can also be done by adding a bold colour tone to your vanity.

3. Add Accent Elements

If a bold colour for your vanity scares you, then consider adding an accent element by using a stand-out piece like vintage doors or old shutters for the cabinet doors.

4. Use Furniture Instead of Cabinetry

A new trend, that we hope will stick around for a while, is to use furniture-style vanities. These can have an old-desk look, or an old drawing board and mirror appearance, or other types of classic furniture. They generally are models made out of wood to give them an antique look and can give a level of style and class to any washroom. Keep in mind though that if you use an antique furniture-looking vanity you will need a matching faucet and accents (so no super-modern choices!).

5. A Built-In Vanity

Using a vanity that is built into the wall will free up floor space while giving you an ‘accent’ piece. These recessed units will also help you fill in an empty wall.

6. Stock Cabinetry

If hand-picking a unique vanity isn’t exactly in the bathroom renovation budget—no worries, we’ve got another great suggestion for you. Change things up a bit by choosing a pre-fabricated kitchen cabinet. My mix and matching pieces you can get a high-class and unique bathroom vanity for a fraction of the price.

These are just a few of our bathroom-renovation ideas. If you want to know the rest—give us a call. And when you need an expert plumber to help with your bathroom renovations, you know where to turn.

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