7 Ways to Tell if you can DIY or you Should Call a Plumber

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Here at Hayes were huge proponents of DIY plumbing. DIY plumbing can be empowering as a homeowner, and can offer you an immediate fix to emergency plumbing issues—but, there is a point where you need to call a professional plumber.

To help you decide when to put on your amateur plumber hat, and when to call a professional, we’ve created a list of times that you will need to call a professional plumber:

House-Wide Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure that spreads throughout the house can be a sign of a number of serious issues—all of which need to be diagnosed by a pro. Low water pressure can indicate roots, rust or debris in your pipes, poor pipe design, freezing or bursting of piping or a problem that originates from the water or sewer system—and all of these require a pro plumber.

Zero Hot Water
If you have zero hot water then you tank may be leaking, may be non-functional, a fuse may have blown, there may be an overloaded switch or burners/igniters may have failed. Depending on the issue you may need a new water heater, it may need to be repaired or you may have an overloaded circuit. To determine the cause and remedy the problem—you need a pro.

Hot Water Heaters

These fickle units not only run hot-and-cold in terms of fickleness—they can also be dangerous and extremely expensive to repair erroneous repairs. There are far too many things that can go wrong during hot-water heater repairs, safety and otherwise.

Sewage Backups
There is nothing you can do to fix a backup of sewage. If there is a root or other item obstructing the pipe then that is a job for a plumber with experience.

Frozen/Burst Pipes
If your pipes are frozen then it may be possible to remedy the situation yourself—but if they have in fact burst (or cracked) then you will need a pro.

Valve Issues
Valves can be replaced by a homeowner with a reasonable amount of plumbing experience—however, a number of things can go wrong and it can be extremely time consuming, which is why we recommend using a pro instead.

Pipe Issues and Movement
Never address pipe issues, designs and movements yourself when you are completing home renovations that include plumbing.

I Need a Plumber—What Now?
After reading this list you may come to the realization that you need a professional plumber. Never fear—Hayes is here. Be sure to give us a call for any major plumbing event. We’ll be straight shooters and will tell you if you truly need us or if you can pull out the tool belt and address the issue yourself by flexing your homeowner muscle.

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