8-Point Checklist Before a Bathroom Renovation

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A bathroom renovation is a big and exciting project for most homeowners. However, before you commit yourself to the task of choosing the best tile colour and tub styles, there are some things that you need to go over first if you want the project to be a success.

To avoid getting overwhelmed and trapped in a costly and time consuming home improvement project, here we have for you a simple 8=point checklist to be sure you are right on track:


How much are you going to spend?

If you have not yet decided how much you are willing to spend on your renovation project. If you set a specific budget, it could help you when making decisions about what you can and cannot include in the remodel.


What is the expected timeframe for the project?

Contrary to what most homeowners think, a bathroom renovation takes more than a few days. It really doesn’t matter much how big the bathroom is either. The duration depends on the number of items to be replaced. You should also consider the amount of time spent on ordering and purchasing materials like tiles, fixtures, and more. Give time allowance for the cabinets and other items that are customized.


Is there a possibility of a hidden problem surfacing sometime during the project?

If what you are planning is a major upgrade, it might be better to do a ‘full gut’. A professional from a reputable company like Hayes Plumbing will be able to construct a bathroom that is flawless both in aesthetics and function.


Do you already have a design in mind?

It would be helpful if you have an idea of what you want your bathroom to look like. Some factors to consider are your choices for tiles, tubs, showers, vanities, faucets, lighting, paint colour, and more. It may get overwhelming when you think about it all at once so it’s better to start doing research for each one when you have time weeks or months before the project.


Will it be a safe bathroom?

Think about safety when you are planning a bathroom renovation. The floors should be slip-resistant, the outlets should be in a safe location, and the storage for cleaning solutions should be beyond children’s reach

What do you plan to have for storage?

Do not forget about the storage solutions that you need. It is a common problem as bathrooms tend to be small or irregularly shaped. Plan what cabinets or shelves would be appropriate for your bathroom.


What kind of lighting do you have in mind?

Without sufficient lighting, a bathroom can easily end up as impractical or even dangerous. Make sure you choose lighting that is really functional. If possible maximize natural light first.


Should you go green?

You may not be that interested about going green, but since the market trends are leaning towards this, you should really give it a thought. Besides, there are a lot of budget friendly options for those who want to go green.

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