How to achieve a modern-looking design for your bathroom

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Modern-looking bathrooms are all the rage. They add value to your home, and peace and tranquility to your daily bathroom routines. But, how do you upgrade an old fuddy-duddy into a new modern masterpiece?

Great news! Achieving a modern-looking design is easier than you think, and to help you get started on the right track—here are our expert 8 tips on how to achieve a modern-looking design for your bathroom:

1. Update your Countertop

While this isn’t the easiest alteration to make, there is no way around a dated countertop. Look for clean lines and a classy material like granite or marble (which isn’t too pricey as long as you don’t have an oversized countertop in your bathroom).

2. Toss the Knick Knacks

Modernity is all about clean lines and minimalism—so ditch your decorative soaps and frilly tissue-box holder. If you have too many daily-needed items to simply ditch the mess then consider using decorative baskets placed in shelving to de-clutter.

3. Lighting

Modern bathrooms have a wide variety of lighting concepts available to them, from recessed lighting to chandeliers to tabletop lamps. Choose a lighting concept that casts a warm glow on the room—and avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs.

4. Make a Mirror-Based Statement

The days of a square, frameless mirror are over. Mirrors are now statement pieces. Some of the most popular mirror types for modern bathrooms are picture-framed mirrors, antique window-inspired mirror and mirrors with built-in lighting. Be sure to keep your mirror in style with the rest of your washroom.

5. Add Life

To kill the sterile feel that modern bathrooms can often have, try bringing a piece of life into the bathroom with an orchid, other flower, plant, cactus or large, decorative seashell.

6. Kill your Curtain

Shower curtains are becoming a thing of the past with modern-bathroom owners electing for walk-in varieties and dividing walls.

7. Neutral Tones

The majority of modern bathrooms are in neutral, spa-like tones, so think light browns, tans, eggshell and greys. If you want a splash of colour add a single accent wall with a bold colour, but avoid painting the entire washroom in that bold colour as it will both shrink—and date—it.

8. Wall Decals

If you feel like your bathroom could use a decorative element then consider a high-end wall decal.

If your goal to achieve a modern-looking design for your bathroom isn’t shaping up as well as you had hoped—then call the pros here at Hayes. Our design experts can help you choose every element, from the paint to the fixtures. We’ll even do the work for you!

Call Hayes today to find out what we have in store for your washroom.

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