The Answers to 5 Common Plumbing Questions

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For some Canadians, plumbing systems remain a complete mystery. But while plumbing can be a complex area, there are many common questions that can be answered by those with experience in the industry. Our team answers many questions on a regular basis within our work. And in this blog, we’ll take a look at five of the most common questions our technicians receive.

What is the Reason behind a Large Increase in My Water Bill?

This is a common question many Canadians have, as their water bills continue to rise year-on-year. There are numerous potential reasons behind a sharp increase in the amount on a water bill, but perhaps the most common are leaks within the toilet tank. These leaks can occur when parts within the system become worn over many years. For example, the problem may be that the flap has warped, allowing water to leak down the drain.

How Can I Prevent Frozen Pipes?

In the Canadian winter, frozen pipes can cause significant water issues within the home. For those whose pipes continually experience freezing issues, it’s important to find the optimal insulation to keep the pipe warm during the winter time. This is especially important for exposed outdoor pipe areas. Homeowners might also consider having an electrical wire heating wrap installed to prevent freezing.

Which Feature Consumes the Most Water in the Average Home?

Homeowners often assume that their bath or shower is the leading cause of water over-consumption. But the average toilet consumes the most water out of all the systems within the home. This highlights the importance of ensuring the toilet systems are repaired immediately by a specialist.

What is are the Leading Causes of Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is caused by an issue between the water meter and the property. There could be a malfunctioning valve or shut-off causing the system to become unstable. Isolated water pressure issues can often be resolved by hiring a specialist to replace the shut off valve component. Another cause of low water pressure is deposits within the piping. It’s important to contact a specialist to help rectify the issue to avoid long-term pressure problems.

Why Does my Drain Keep Getting Clogged?

Drains in kitchen sinks are often clogged by food matter, which blocks the water from running through the pipes, whereas bathroom drains can often be clogged due to soap residue, shampoo and hair. If a persistent clogging issue arises, the problem could be due to a blockage further down the pipe. It’s important to use drain cleaner on all drains in the home at least once a month. If drain cleaning liquids aren’t working to optimal effect, homeowners should contact a specialist directly to help resolve the issue.

Our team has many years of experience within the plumbing field. There are very few issues they have not encountered within their work. To learn more on how to resolve plumbing issues in your home, contact us directly. The quicker you act in response to the issue, the better the final result will be after our team’s work has been completed. 

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