Basic Plumbing Tools You Should Be Familiar With

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Not a lot of customers ask if they can take a look at our tool boxes. Most of the time, they are far more focused on why they called us in the first place – to fix a problem, unclog a drain, install a new fixture, and so on. In reality, that is how it should be.


So, while you are not having any problem or whatsoever with the pipes in your kitchen or bathroom, or if you have plenty of hot water, we thought it is a great idea to identify some of the few tools we have mastered and depend on daily – some of these tools you have probably heard of, and others, not so much.



This is an iconic tool for plumbers worldwide, and they have been pretty much used for as long as anyone can remember. Yet, as old as this tool is, it is still the tool of choice for a multitude of applications. An end pipe wrench, for instance, is used on pipes that are close to the wall. An offset pipe is used for tight spaces or odd angles, and a compound leverage is for seized joints. There are different pipe wrenches for different applications, and each of them also comes in different sizes.



This handy tool is self-tightening and used to replace or repair old faucets.



This is just another name for tongue and groove pliers. For most plumbers, channel locks have taken the place of pipe wrenches, even though pipe wrenches are still indispensable in our industry. Plumbers would often use two channel locks at the same time: one to stabilise the pipe, and the other to unscrew it.



The name of this tool basically gives it away easily. A hole saw is used for cutting holes in masonry, wood, and concrete.



This name of this tool, meanwhile, is somewhat deceiving as it is primarily used to cut perfect shapes and sizes in copper tubing.



In those situations that a plunger cannot do its job, it is time pull out this tool. It consists of a coiled-up cable that has a crank that pushes and rotates the cable at the same time.



This tool is adjustable and is designed for turning bolts, nuts, pipes, and fittings. It is also a great gripper.



This handy tool is used to smooth out the rough edges when a metal pipe has been cut.



When we work in any home, safety is always our primary concern. To promote this, professional plumbers use fire-resistant clothes when we are soldering to protect combustible surfaces nearby from igniting.


Here at Hayes Plumbing, our plumbers are not just reliable, they are also best equipped. Remember, we are available to assist you with any of your plumbing concerns – 24/7!

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