Bathroom Fixtures: The Best Ways to Maintain Them

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Don’t you just love the idea of having a squeaky-clean bathroom with shiny fixtures? That is among every homeowner’s dream. Unfortunately, achieving and maintaining a pristine bathroom is no easy feat. And spotless fixtures seem to be something we could only see on TV.


Stains and damages that come from water and soap, for instance, are all too common for our faucets, shower stalls, and sinks. Manufacturers have come up with bathroom fixtures and accessories made of different materials and maintaining them differs, too.


Here are some tips on how you can keep your fixtures looking new longer:



Both stainless steel and chrome require a big chunk of your time to spend on cleaning them just to make sure that they don’t get permanently stained. In particular, chrome would need immediate attention. Clean all your fixtures made of chrome right after use. Minimize wear and tear by using dry cleaners. Stainless steel on the other hand, would lose its shine in time because of the nature of the metal.



If you have brass fixtures, you have every right to rejoice because it is perhaps the easiest to maintain and clean. There are countless products you can find in the market that are dedicated to cleaning brass items that include fixture of course. Brass, unlike stainless steel and chrome, does not erode. However, they can still get tarnished if you use the wrong kind of cleaner for them. Another popular choice, which is the brushed nickel require very little of your time and effort as they do not get water-stained, so they can be cleaned less frequently.



Bronze is also susceptible to corrosion as well as deterioration. To make sure they will last for years, you should give it daily wiping. You can also remove built-up grime using a gentle cleaning solution. On top of that a monthly deep cleaning as well as occasional polishing would be necessary if you really want to maintain the condition of your bronze fixtures.


With the amount of use our fixtures get on a daily basis, it is a wonder that we do not pay enough attention to them. We often do not realize how much they affect the total appearance of our bathrooms. With these helpful tips, we do hope you’d be able to keep your fixtures in perfect condition for the longest time possible!

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