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There seems to be a life hack for almost anything these days, from eating chips the right way to clever storage solutions – the possibilities are simply endless. Don’t be left behind! Here are some bathroom hacks that you would want to try out for yourself and share with everyone you know!

  1. Use spice racks to remove clutter from your sink

Installing a spice rack can save you loads of space. You can use it to store bottles of lotion, hairspray, toothpaste and everything else that seem to be cluttering your bathroom sink!  They are pretty easy and inexpensive to install, too.

  1. Hang a bookshelf overhead.

You can also opt to install a bookshelf above your door to store larger objects like towel baskets, extra toiletries, unused towels and more!

  1. Keep your mirror fog-free with shaving cream.

Spread an even amount of shaving cream on your mirror and wipe it clean. Doing so will make sure they are fog-free for weeks while you enjoy your hot showers.

  1. Clean your bathtub with grapefruit and salt.

Scrub your bathtub with half a grapefruit and salt and watch as it melts away any sight of stain and disinfect the area. Not only is this easy and inexpensive but makes your bathroom smell great, too!

  1. Roll your towels instead of folding them.

Folded towels take so much time and space! Spare yourself the extra minute and just roll your towels. This space saving tip also makes for a lovely display that will surely have guests jealous! 

  1. Install multiple towel racks behind your bathroom door.

If rolled towels are not your thing, try installing 3 to 4 towel racks behind your bathroom door so you can save on space.

  1. Hang an extra shower rod for added storage.

Always finding yourself stepping out of the shower to reach for shampoo and soap? An extra shower rod is just the fix for that. Install an extra shower rod and add in inexpensive baskets instead of a shower curtain. All you have to do is throw in your shower time essentials and reach in your installed bins.

  1. Iron Your Clothes While You Shower

Bring in your wrinkly clothes to the shower with you and the steam from your hot bath will instantly iron it out! Make people believe you have your life together with this simple bathroom hack!

  1. Use your sink as a kick-ass speaker.

Your sink is probably the best amplifier you can get your hands on. Place your phone speaker side up and prepare to have a party while you are in the bathroom. Make sure the sink is dry, of course.

These are some of the best bathroom hacks designed we can scour to help you simplify your life? Do you have any bathroom hacks you swear by? Share them in the comments below.

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