Bathroom Hazards You Should Know About

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home accident, barefoot, exposed wiresYour bathroom can be a dangerous place if you don’t know what to watch out for. Being aware of the dangers can help you prevent accidents and falls – not just for you but also for your entire family. Because your bathroom is a moist and slippery environment, accidents may lurk when you least expect it. Make use of proactive safety measures by reading the most common bathroom dangers listed below.

Slip and fall

One of the most common bathroom-related accidents is slip and falls. This is because your bathroom is constantly exposed to suds and water. Prevent anyone from slipping and falling by investing in rubber mats where water is most likely to puddle.


Water and electric devices are never a good mix. Electrocution is a possibility if your electric devices are constantly coming in contact with water. Spare yourself the risk and make a habit of unplugging your electric tools after every use and store them in a dry environment.

Drowning in the tub

Never ever leave your kids unattended – especially in the tub. Kids are more prone to drowning when left without supervision.

Just because the tub isn’t filled with water doesn’t mean it’s already safe for the kids. They can stand up on a whim and accidentally trip and fall – which can cause lacerations and lacerations. Always keep an eye on your kids especially when they are in the bathroom.

Toxic Moulds

Your bathroom is home to a number of germs and moulds that strive in moist and hot environment. There are certain types of mould that can cause respiratory diseases that can affect anyone who’s exposed to it. Make sure to constantly clean your bathroom to prevent moulds from striving in your bathroom.

If you suspect your bathroom is ridden with mould, call an inspector right away.

Chemical burn

There are a lot of strong cleaning products out there that can cause burns, if used incorrectly. Make sure to store these cleaning agents where kids can’t reach them.

It is also a good idea to keep them someplace where you can’t accidentally trip on them while you are getting out of the shower.

Germs that strive in your toilet

Most homeowners neglect to thoroughly clean their toilet – allowing germs to strive in abundance. These germs can cause sickness, thus weakening your immune system.

Make a habit of cleaning your toilet thoroughly. Make sure to get into hard to reach areas, as this is where they tend to grow.

These are only some of the most common bathroom hazards you should keep your eyes on. Making your bathroom a safer environment for everyone can vastly improve your quality of life.


If you need help making your bathroom a safer place for everybody, call one of our experts at Hayes Plumbing. We have seasoned plumbers and contractors who can help identify common problem areas and provide you with solutions that suite your needs. Call us today at 905.576.3043

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