Bathroom Molds: Removing and Preventing Them

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Anyone who has a bathroom would know that bathroom molds can easily occur. However, it is not always the easiest to remove. It is also not always as obvious. It can start growing from beneath plumbing fixtures, walls, and surfaces. This is why every homeowner should know how to properly remove any mold they currently have, and to know the basics on how to prevent molds from occurring in the first place.


So, what causes bathroom molds?


*Leaky plumbing pipes and fixtures

*Excessive moisture due to lack of proper ventilation

*Constant pressure of damp rugs, towels, curtains, wallpapers, etc.


How can bathroom mold be removed?


*Check all caulking within the bathroom. If you happen to find some with mold growth, make sure to completely remove that section and have it replaced with new caulking.


*Any surfaces that have small traces of mold should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or bleach.


*Make sure to keep the windows in your bathroom, if there’s any, open during mold removal. This helps dry out any excess moisture and it also provides your bathroom with some fresh air.


*Areas with large amounts of mold should not be handled by homeowners. Keep in mind that disturbed mold can spread further, and it is also dangerous to inhale. You should, instead, hire a professional to remove the mold, especially since a lot of mold lies beneath the walls and plumbing fixtures.


How can bathroom mold be prevented?


*Make sure to use the bathroom ventilation fan before drawing a bath or turning on the shower. If your full-sized bathroom does not have a ventilation fan, make sure to have one installed.


*Open the window or make sure to leave the bathroom door cracked when showering as this allow excess steam to escape.


*It is best to invest in a mildew-resistant shower curtain. Make sure to have it changed and washed on a regular basis.


*You should make it a habit to not keep bottles of shampoo and conditioner, as well as soap in the shower. Doing so can cause mold to grow beneath them.


*Make sure to wash bathroom rugs, towels, and other fabrics regularly. This keeps them from being damp, thus avoiding the occurrence of mold growth.


Bathroom mold is not just unsightly, it can also be harmful to your bathroom’s surfaces and worse, even your and your family’s health. When you need to have your plumbing leaks fixed or if you have new plumbing fixtures that need to be installed, make sure to contact us, Hayes Plumbing, if you are looking for reliable plumbers.

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