Bathroom Upgrades You Won’t Regret Having

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Slip and fall accidents usually happen when you least expect them, but if there is one place you should expect to have an increased risk of an occurrence is the shower. Wet tiles and tubs can mean you are just one wrong move away from a fall that could lead to a serious injury.


If you are worried about the possibility of falling and slipping in the shower, you do not need to remodel your entire bathroom – though it is one solution. Here are some safety enhancements, from simple to full-scale renovations:


Use the Mat

For most bathtubs, the simplest solution to avoid a slip and fall accident is to use a textured mat created for this particular purpose. If a full shower mat feels like an overstatement, you can buy smaller ones that stick to the bottom of the tub. Those provide a little traction that is good enough.


Take a Seat

While this is a bit impractical for most bathtubs, there are spacious shower stalls that can be made safer with the use of a water-resistant stool or chair. Having the option to sit can be helpful for people with mobility issues or limited range of motion.


Grab a Bar

Another simple solution is to install one or more grabs in the shower or tub area. These stable bars are available in different shapes and sizes to be accommodated by all bathing areas. If you are outfitting your bathroom for a person who has mobility issues, grab bars are helpful when placed next to the toilet to make standing and sitting easier.


Finish Up

After many years of use, your bathtub might need professional refinishing to be able to restore its original luster. If your tub has reached its endpoint, or if you are looking for the effect of a bathtub minus its bulk, look into having your tub refinished with a textured agent.


From the Ground Up

Any light-duty solution will make your shower or tub safer, but if you are considering a serious remodeling project, then you can factor in slip-and-fall safety into your plans. You can start by having textured tiles to help you get a grip when things get wet. You can also have a zero-entry shower design to eliminate obstructions that might trip you when getting in and out of the shower. If you have a bathtub, you can also consider removing it and convert to a shower stall instead.



If you need help with any of these bathroom improvements, feel free to call us today. We will be there when you need us!

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