The benefits exhaust fans provide your bathroom

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If your bathroom is the superhero of your home than the exhaust fan is Alfred, a humble behind-the-scenes kind of guy who simply keeps things running smoothly and in tip-top shape. If you’re wondering exactly what Alfred the Exhaust Fan does for your bathroom, consider these 5 benefits exhaust fans provide your bathroom:

1. Significantly-Improved Air Quality
Bathroom fans vent the humidity and dampness that cause the mould and mildew that can trigger asthma issues and breathing problems in your family. They also help vent the particulate matter from your washroom that is splashed into the air when a toilet is flushed. Both of these help improve the overall air quality of your home.

2. Less Mould and Mildew
Showers and bathtubs breed mould and mildew because of the hot, wet and humid situation they create in your bathroom. This means mould on your grout and tiles and mildew on your shower which is then spread inside—and outside—your bathroom. Exhaust fans vent the moisture out of your home, leaving a fresh mould-free environment behind.

3. A Fresher Scent
Less mould? Less mildew? Less  airborne particulate matter from your toilet? All of these lead to significantly fresher air quality.

4. Less Foggy Mirrors
While foggy mirrors make for good Hollywood movie scenes, they aren’t quite as romantic in your own home. Wiping down a mirror after a shower causes streaks, but so can NOT wiping down the foggy mirror—installing exhaust fans in your bathroom gets rid of this conundrum.

5. Reduced Home Maintenance Costs
Water, steam, humidity and moisture can all wreak havoc on not just your bathroom but your home. They create breeding grounds for bacteria, mould, mildew and other allergens and can damage everything from your furniture to your drywall. Venting that moisture and humidity out through an exhaust fan—and not your bathroom door—can save you thousands on repairs and home maintenance.

The 5 solid benefits that exhaust fans provide your bathroom make installing one a solid decision for any home and family. To find out what it would cost and what construction would be involved in installing exhaust vents in your home—call the Hayes family today!

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