Best tips for keeping the tiles and caulking around your bathtub/shower in good condition

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We’ve all seen gross, mould-ridden caulking and tiles in bathrooms. It not only unsightly but can also be a breeding ground for the mould and bacteria that can infect your entire home. Never fear about your unsightly tile and caulking—it is Hayes to the rescue with these 5 tips on keeping the tiles and caulking in your bathtub and shower in good condition:

1. Squeegee Them

Squeegeeing (or other forms of drying) your tub and shower after each use is the absolute best way to ensure that your tiles and caulking stay mould and mildew free. The moisture, heat and humidity caused from warm and hot baths and showers are breeding grounds for bacteria—and unless you want to switch to cold and/or water-free showers, the only way to prevent bacteria build up is to dry them after each use. Not only will this prevent mould and mildew, it will also help you remove soap scum before it dries and attaches to your shower walls.

2. Shower Sprays

Daily shower sprays that you spritz your shower or tub with after each use is a secondary option for anyone unwilling or unable to dry the area after each use. While drying with a squeegee or cloth is better, a shower spray can help prevent mould and mildew build up even if the shower is left wet.

3. Fix Leaks Immediately

A leaky faucet in your bathtub or shower is a recipe for disaster as it ensures a constantly-wet environment. Also, the constant battering with water will wear down caulking quicker.

4. Fix Cracks Immediately

Caulking doesn’t last forever. Like everything it will eventually wear down, crack, break and need replacing.

5. Pay Attention

Simply paying attention to your tiles and caulking once a month (it can be done while you shower!) to ‘trouble areas’ can help you get the jump on any upcoming tile and caulking issues. Specifically look at the bath tub rim, spigot(s), spigot cover(s), shower windows, soap dishes, shower doors, shower-stall base and where the shower door joins the stall. If you see any problems, remedy them immediately to avoid worsening, harder-to-fix damage.

If you’re experiencing tile and caulking issues that are beyond simple maintenance or repair—call  Hayes today to stop tile and caulking damage in its tracks.

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