Which is Better? Single-Bowl vs. Double-Bowl Sinks

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For some homeowners, they are asking this question: Is it still a great idea to have a double-bowl sink at home? The double-bowl or divided sink became popular before the advent of the dishwasher. The two compartments served as an easy system for washing dishes – dirty dishes and soapy water in on bowl, and clean water for rinsing in the other. However, since the birth of automated dishwashers, are there still benefits to having a double-bowl sink?



Single-bowl sinks have one, usually large basin without dividers. More and more homeowners are now preferring to have just one large bowl.



One of the upsides of having a single-bowl sink is that it often fits better in smaller spaces. They are also roomier in terms of washing large pans and pots.



For its downsides, having a single-bowl sink also means you cannot divide and conquer your dishes. They are also not as disposal-friendly.



Double-bowl sinks or divided sinks have two basins in one unit that is usually separated by a divider. Traditional sinks used to have the same size, but nowadays, double-bowl sinks are available in different sizes and configurations. Some manufacturers make some double-bowl units now with one of its sinks smaller than the other one. This is made for the sole purpose that the unit would take up less counter space. Sometimes the smaller sink would be shallower as well. For double-bowl sinks, the main bowl should ideally be at least twenty-one inches or more while the second bowl should be at least fifteen inches.



Having a double-bowl sink also means that you can wash your dishes by hand. You can also separate your dirty dishes from your food prep! In addition, your garbage disposal will always be accessible.



If you have a smaller space, you might not probably want to have a double-bowl sink as its size and profile can be cumbersome. You can expect it to also eat up under-counter storage space. This also means you might have less space for washing large items.



If you are remodeling your kitchen and you are a bit confused on whether you should have a single-bowl sink or a double-bowl one, then we are the right experts you can talk to!


Not only can we help you decide, we can also help you with the whole process – from choosing the perfect sink to installing it!


For more questions, please feel free to reach out to us today. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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