Bring More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

Bring More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom - Haye's Plumbing

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When it comes to interior design, more is not necessarily better, unless we’re talking about natural light. In which case, bring it on!

Both novice and amateur designers alike covet natural light in their designs – not only does natural light allow you to see (and generally feel better), it can also decrease depression and improve your health!

As sought after as spaces bathed in natural light are, not everyone is lucky enough to land a bathroom that meets the criteria, but don’t fret. Aside from installing another window or enlarging an existing frame, there are a few effective ways to bring more natural light into your bathroom that will transform it from lackluster to fabulous in no time.

Traditional Skylights
Skylights are a great solution to increasing natural light when adding or expanding an existing window isn’t an option. Just know there are a few things you need to consider before having one installed, like knowing where the sun starts out and where it ends up in relation to the final placement of your skylight.

Skylights in sloping roofs that face south are liable to overheat a room, while a north-facing skylight will admit a soft glow all day long.

Grey- or bronze-tinted glass will protect your vanity from the bleaching effects of direct sunlight, and additional forms of shading, such as built-in blinds or horizontal curtains can help you regulate the amount of light that comes in. And comfort glazing provides insulation against heat buildup in summer, and heat loss in winter.

Tubular Daylight Device
Similar to the traditional skylight, a tubular daylight device (TDD) is technically a skylight but built of reflective cylinders or pipes that are installed between the roof and ceiling with a clear plastic dome. The bottom of the tubes are diffused or glazed to prevent glaring beams of light and to ensure a soft glow.

TDDs are also time and cost efficient, taking on average about two hours to install, and generally cost less than a new window or traditional skylight. And they can be installed on almost any roof, as they keep a fairly low profile, even if they can been seen from an outdoor space.

Glass & Mirrors
For design options that don’t involve taking out a wall, or putting a hole in the ceiling, you can simply fake it! A well placed mirror will help reflect what little natural light the space already benefits from, while glass features, like sliding doors or walls instead of shower curtains, can open up the space and make it seem larger and more light.

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