Why You Should Call a Plumber, ASAP!

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There are times when, as a householder who wants to save a little, we prefer to do some repair work at home that we think  are quite minor and simple to do. That is sensible if you are at the very least an amateur handyman with sufficient skills. When it comes to plumbing jobs, a small clog or perhaps a really slow drip may not be a problem for you, but there are some repairs that are best done by an experienced plumber.


Here are reasons why you should call a plumber as soon as possible:


Drain Cleaners Don’t Work

If you have a clogged sink and not even an entire bottle of drain cleaner fixes the problem, it could be that there is an obstruction deep into the pipes. The only way to clear that clog is to have a professional plumber use an instrument that could manually remove it.


It’s Already Starting to Flood

Water damage to your home can be caused by leaks, clogs, and pipes that burst. If any of these problems is present, it will not take much time for a flood to start. To protect your most prized investments, call your trusted plumber for an emergency service.


Your Water Heater is Not Working

It could either be a bad leak or a defective water heater. Whatever the reason may be, if water in your bathroom is scorching hot, it is considered an emergency (especially during winter) and you must call a plumber to fix this problem for you.


Your Water Heater is Working…. And Leaking

If you are noticing puddles of water near your water heater, it is greatly possible that it has a cracked tank. That means this unit should be replaces the soonest possible time. If you are worried about the cost, just consider how much you’d be losing for your utility bill that you can expect to rise with a problem like this.


Your Pipes are Too Old

If you live in a house that is over 30 years old, it is possible that you still have galvanized pipes that can easily be corroded and clogged. It could lead to terrible water pressure and major maintenance issues. If you deal with your old pipes on your own, you might miss some signs that could tell you your system needs replacement.


When you face any of these situations, the best thing you can do is call your plumber and do not make things worse by trying to fix it yourself.

Which of these emergencies have you experienced? When was the last time you called a plumber?

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