Checklist Before You Renovate Your Bath

The renovation of a bathroom by a construction worker

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Do you want to improve your current bathroom?  Are you thinking about having your bathroom renovated but do not know where to start? A bathroom renovation is indeed a very exciting task to undertake. However, you can’t just jump into choosing the best bathroom trends that are currently on the market right now. There are still things to consider before initiating a bathroom renovation. Every homeowner should know that bathroom renovation could be time-consuming, costly and overwhelming. So, it is very important to read into this checklist we made for you to make sure that your bathroom renovation will go smoothly.



Budget is very important for this project. You have to come up with an idea on how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation project. By doing this first, you will get a general idea of what to include in the remodeling process. At the same time, you can also prepare your budget beforehand.



Most homeowners do not realize that the time to renovate a small bathroom could take as long as renovating a large bathroom. It all depends on how many items you are prepared to change in your bathroom, and your contractor will go through the same process as a larger bathroom. Being aware with the time it takes to renovate your bathroom can help families who have just one bathroom in their house, as they will have to make adjustments such as where to go when they need to take a shower and use the toilet while their regular bathroom is being renovated.



Keep in mind that there are three crucial limitations which really make size matter in bathroom renovation: the overall measurement size of your bathroom, your existing plumbing location and electrical wiring, and the typical standard dimension of bathroom fixtures. Be sure that you have all the correct measurements so you can avoid going to your local hardware store and purchasing items that do not fit.


Contractor vs. DIY

The smart thing to do is hire a professional contractor for this job given the complexity of the project. In the end, hiring the right contractor could actually save you a load of misery and stress.



It is imperative to consider this essential factor: plumbing. You need to replace the old pipes, bathtub, sink, toilet, faucets and shower head. To be honest, no bathroom renovation is complete without tackling plumbing.


Bathroom Design

Based on your allocated budget for the project, you can now choose the design you want to go for. Do your research on what design that best suits your lifestyle and taste.


Here at Hayes Plumbing, we dedicate our time to help homeowners achieve having the best bathroom! Give us a call today for more information or simply visit our website today. We hope to hear from you soon!


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