Having a Child-Friendly Bathroom – How It’s Done

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Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most dangerous area in your house, especially for children. From the slippery floor to the hot water that could come out of your shower head, it seems like every corner of your bathroom poses a threat to your little ones.

We cannot be there for our children every single time they would go to the bathroom. However, there are some things that we can do to make your bathroom safer for your kids though. And you do not need to spend much to do them too! Here they are:


1.)    If you do not have them yet, get some skid-proof mats to help avoid slips and falls. Most accidents that happen in bathrooms are caused by slippery floors.


2.)    Make sure that you set your water heater to 120 degrees to avoid scalding. This temperature is just warm enough for both baths and showers. If you happen to live in an apartment where there’s no separate heater, purchase an anti-scald device that could stop the water flow if it gets too hot.


3.)    Keep your medicine and all your toiletries in a locked or at least a high cabinet that is impossible for your kids to reach. It should never be around the sink or even underneath it. Kids are curious by nature and will just try everything they get their hands on.


4.)    Always keep your toilet seats down. There are toilet locks available that you can install to make sure your kids don’t lift them without an adult.


5.)    If it is something you can do without, better remove your garbage bin from the bathroom. If that is not doable then remind all the members of the household to be extra careful with what they throw in there. That means no razors, expired medicine, and small items that could be choking hazards for your children.


6.)    It is important that you should remember to cover all the electrical outlets in your bathroom. Also, double check that your curling irons, blow dryers, electric razors, and everything else that can be plugged are all locked in your bathroom drawer and are unreachable at all times.


7.)    If you are still uncomfortable with the idea that your child might enter the bathroom unsupervised, then you can also find a childproof cover for your doorknob. It should be something that only older kids and adults can easily open.


These are all small things. But they all can make a big difference. And when it comes to the safety of your kids, these little alterations and extra precautions are not a big deal anyway, right?

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