Common Plumbing Mistakes you Might be Making

drippy faucet

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It is completely understandable that you want to deal with some plumbing issues in your house, especially if they seem really easy to do. The bad news is, almost nothing about plumbing is easy to do, unless you are a professional. There are a lot of homeowners who commit some blunders and DIY-ing is not the safest way to address them.


We have read about plumbing problems and their signs, but what about the cause for some of these problems – more specifically those that are done by homeowners themselves? Here is a list of some of the most common plumbing mistakes you might be doing and not know it:


Treating the Garbage Disposal Like a Trash Can

You’d be amazed what kind of things people throw into their disposals – coffee grounds, celery stalks, potato peels, corn husks, and more! You might forget it at times, so here, let us remind you: Disposals do not function like waste baskets!


Flushing Things That Shouldn’t Be Down the Toilet

Similarly, people have the knack of flushing crazy stuff down their toilets. We get it, accidents happen and sometimes for some reason things just end up there. You are not expected to fish for it with your bare hands. But maybe you could try with a gloved hand? Or perhaps a stick? We only say this because as we are sure you already know, it is a major inconvenience for the entire family to have a clogged toilet.


Using Connectors of a Different Material from the Pipes

Some homeowners are brave enough to handle DIY repairs for their plumbing. However, it is quite common that these homeowners use different metals like copper and steel when they connect pipes. One must use a coupling when they join two metals to avoid corrosion at the connection.


Carelessly Pouring Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are a lot of chemical products in the market claiming to be a do-all-solution for clogged drains. Most homeowners are not aware of the effect of these harsh chemicals. Did you know that they can actually corrode pipes? If you really need to use one, please do so sparingly.


Pushing Drippy Faucets Down Too Hard

It is something that is like a subconscious reaction to this problem. But the thing is, in this kind of situation it is more a test of knowledge or skill, rather than a test of strength. Putting more pressure on the faucet handle when it is dripping will not stop the drip. It may even worsen things!


These five are among the most common mistakes that homeowners do. Do you remember committing any of them?


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