Common Signs of Plumbing Damage You Should Know About

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There are plumbing problems that could appear like they are just in need of a quick fix only for you to wake up in the middle of the night to find water up to your knees! While it seems like an exciting idea to turn these tiny problems into fun DIY projects – toilets, sinks, and faucets could actually turn into disasters that you wish you would have never dared meddle with before.


Before these nuisances reach their full potential, you better call your trusted plumber when you notice these things:


  1. Your shower or faucet is leaking… nonstop.  Perhaps you have been meaning to have that fixed the first time you noticed it, but before you realize it, months have already passed, and you still have a dripping faucet. If you are lucky, this drip would be fixed by a little tightening or perhaps a new bracket or plumber’s tape. Don’t get too relaxed though, because there is also a chance that this steady leak comes from a pipe crack or a wrong installation somewhere. Pressure build-ups could also be the culprit.


  1. Your toilet is always overflowing. This is a frustrating, but nonetheless natural part of owning a house – especially if you have little kids living with you. This issue could be easily addressed, or it might take a while. It’s probably the latter if your plumber finds out that it overflows even when there is no visible clogging.


  1. Your entire house is beginning to smell like sewage. Something as simple as a clog can result to a terrible smell that permeates throughout your whole house. It could be tolerable at first, but if left ignored, you might wake up one day and realize you can’t bear to stay in your own home. Call a plumber ASAP and let him tackle this problem so you could breathe easier – literally.


  1. There is no hot water. Now, that’s a real problem. It’s normal to run out of hot water, say, after your children take a really long shower. However, if it takes hours for your water to even warm up, and this has been quite a regular occurrence, you definitely need to give your plumber a ring. Only a professional can determine any underlying problems that might be causing this.


  1. There is no water at all. This is worse than having no hot water. Your first step should be to ask your neighbours if they share the same problem. If so, then call your plumber to help you figure out who you need to call. If it’s just you, still, call a plumber to have it checked immediately.


These are five of the signs you have to watch out for. When you see any of this, it might do you a lot of good to stop listing it down as one of your DIY projects in the coming days. More often than not, you would require a plumber anyway, so it would be a lot better to do it now. While you still remember to do it.


For all your pluming concerns, contact us today or simply visit our website to see our available services. We hope to hear from you soon!

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