Why You Should Consider Walk-In Bathtubs

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Slipping in the shower or tub is always a dangerous possibility, even if you are sure that you are steady on your feet. If you struggle with balance or mobility, the combination of slick porcelain, water, and stepping over the threshold might just pose too high of a risk. Fortunately, there are accessories that can improve the situation such as non-slip shower mats and grab bars, among others.


For some, however, they have found that having a walk-in bathtub just might be the ideal solution. These bathtubs are fairly common in elder and medical care facilities, but they can also be installed in residential bathrooms to make bathing safer and easier in spite of disabilities, injuries, and advanced age.



As its name applies, a walk-in bathtub lets you walk straight into the tub without having to step over the edge one leg at a time. This is made possible with a watertight door that opens inward into the tub. There is a seat that is built into the tub to allow the user to sit comfortably while they just bathe and relax.


Since walk-in bathtubs are larger and more complex than your standard bathtub, walk-in tubs can be a bit pricey, depending on the model that you are going to choose. Some of its most common features that separate the low-end from the high-end models include the following:


*bubbling jets

*sophisticated temperature controls

*shower wands

*high-speed drains



The high price is not the only reason why walk-in tubs are said to be high-involvement purchases. Since they are designed to serve people who need more assistance in the bathroom, it is important to choose a walk-in tub that meets the specific needs of the person who will be using it.


Some models have narrower entrances than others, and this can be a bit difficult for some users to navigate. Others tend to have a small ridge at the bottom that must be stepped over – this is easier than stepping into an ordinary tub, but it may still be a challenge for people who lack a full range of motion. You should not make a purchase without giving the user the opportunity to try out that model first. Body type can also be a deciding factor when purchasing. You have to consider a person’s height, too.


If you are decided on having a walk-in bathtub installed in your home, the right professionals can help you save time and money and can get the job done right the first time. We here at Hayes Plumbing are more than willing to assist you with your bathtub installation needs. Contact us today for more information!

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