Why You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System

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Not many people know that the quality of the water they drink and use is severely affected by contaminants every single day. These contaminants come from various sources and find their way into our water supplies either accidentally or through intentional chemical treatments.

Your body needs good and clean water for it to be healthy. That is why it is important that for your and your family’s safety, all those contaminants lurking in the water you have at home should be removed!

A whole house water treatment system is an excellent option for homeowners who are intent on making sure they have water that is suitable for drinking, cooking, bathing, and all the other household uses.

You probably already know that a whole house water treatment system attacks the problem of contaminated water right at point of entry. Here are other great reasons why you should choose a whole house water treatment:

*It can remove chlorine effectively. Chlorine can be very damaging to your lungs, as well as your skin and hair, so it is important that you should do what you can to ensure that your water has no chlorine.

*A whole home automatic carbon filtration system like the one from Hayes Plumbing can help remove even chloramines which are known to be much more difficult to remove than chlorine. Chloramines are formed by the combination of chlorine and ammonia, and they are added to most municipal water districts. Do you want to know how strong chloramines are? They can dissolve the inside of your fixtures and pipes!

*A whole house water filtration system in combination with water conditioner can address the problem that is hard water. You see, high minerals are mainly to blame for hard water that can affect your laundry, your plumbing, and of course, your health.

*Effective removal of fluoride can be done by a properly installed whole house filtration system. Many municipalities get fluoridated water in their homes. Fluoride, however, is now known to be a contributing factor to a lot of health concerns so it’s crucial that you have it removed from your water.

*With a whole house water filtration system, you won’t have to worry about having to install individual point of use filter, like bath filters, shower filters, and garden filters, among many others.

Hayes Plumbing provides complete solutions for homeowners who are considering whole house water filtration systems for their homes. We have the highest quality systems in the industry that are designed and manufactured to last you for a really long time while requiring very minimal maintenance from you. Our team of experts can ensure that yours is installed properly, too!

If you’re ready to be set up with a whole house water filtration system, reach out to us at Hayes Plumbing!

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