Drain Cleaning & Rooter Service

Clogged Drains?

We are able to cater to any residential or commercial property for Rooter services. Do you notice your drain seems to form bubbles and then back up into your plumbing fixtures? Do you notice water in your basement coming from the drainage system? If so, it is definitely time to call a professional to deal with the problem. This is not a DIY project that you can take on now and finish later if you get frustrated.

Hayes Plumbing provides expert drain clearing or rooter service for Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Newcastle, Bowmanville, and Courtice. We can rid your sewer lines and drains of any blockages so you do not have to go through the trouble of dealing with waste water back up.

What Causes Drain Problems?

Drain problems can be the result of a buildup of waste and toilet paper, which is a common issue in a business facilities. When it comes to bathtub drains and sinks, the culprit may be anything from a buildup of hair, soap, grease, and food waste, among others. In other drains in your home or business, any dropped object or tree line may cause poor drainage.

What signs should you watch out for?

You would notice foul odor coming from the drain. You may also hear burping or bubbling sounds as water tries hard to find way through whatever is blocking its way. Of course, slow draining or none at all is a major symptom. Another telltale sign is a water backup that you find on your floor or plumbing fixture.

Most owners of homes or businesses try to address the problem on their own first by buying chemicals from a hardware store and battling the blockage with a plunger. But doing so is actually more dangerous than it may seem. It can harm both your plumbing system and your health! They are usually ineffective as well.

But why spend all your time and effort on such a tedious task, when all you need to do is call your reliable plumber? Hayes Plumbing’s expert team of professionals can handle all your drain concerns in no time at all! Not only do we have the best people, we are also equipped with the most innovative tools and equipment like plumber snakes running on powerful motors that can root out the clog, remove all the blockages, and leave you with a thoroughly clean drain for that trouble-free water flow in your drains!

All our seasoned plumbers are licensed to perform high quality plumbing services in your home or business. We deliver the highest quality of service in the Durham region, and our solid reputation speaks for itself. So whether it’s a simple bathroom drain blockage or a major one affecting your main drain, let Hayes Plumbing take care of it!

We want you to get back to your regular use of your faucet and other plumbing fixtures! Give Hayes Plumbing a call for any plumbing problem!

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