What to Expect from Professional Drain Cleaning

Plumber unclogging a tub drain with an electric auger.

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Professional drain cleaning should be made part of your home’s maintenance routine. Having a scheduled drain cleaning every year can greatly reduce and avoid problems from high water pressure, and in general, give your plumbing system a longer life span.


But what actually happens during a professional drain cleaning process?

Drain cleaning is often associated with the pouring of chemicals down a sink. But that is not what professionals do when they are cleaning drains as those chemicals can in fact damage your plumbing system. A reliable professional will do everything to make sure that your drainpipes in its best condition.


If it is simply to unclog your drain, then the plumber would clean your drains with the use of a motorized drain auger or snake. This can usually take care of any obstruction that is within the drainpipe.


For more thorough cleaning, a video pipe inspection might be performed. This is done to find out how best to approach the cleaning process for the drain. Fiber optic cable-mounted cameras are sent down through the drainpipes to send images that are reflected on a monitor. This allows the plumber to get a comprehensive view of the entire interior of the pipes. This way, your plumber will also be able to target certain areas that need a more intensive level of cleaning.


A professional plumber would use for his main tool a hydro-jetter. It’s a powerful device that makes use of motors to place water under really high pressure and blast it out through a nozzle that is connected to the end of hose that goes into the drainpipe. The strong force of water will scour the internal walls of the pipes and remove any particle that has accumulated there. This is a thorough way to clean the pipes and it also helps keep build-up from starting again.  When done correctly, a hydro-jetting process will clean your drain and keep it that way for a really long time after.


After this procedure, your plumber may opt to perform a video pipe inspection once more to check if he was able to perform the necessary task well. He will also do this to double check and make sure there are no other problems that need to be addressed immediately. You may ask your plumber for a copy of the video so you can see what he has done.


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