Fluoride in Your Water – Should You Be Worried?

Closeup shot of a man pouring a glass of fresh water from a kitchen faucet

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Everybody knows that the water from their faucets contain some fluoride. But how much do you know about it?


If you don’t know it yet, fluoride is not naturally a part of water. It is actually just artificially added to the water supply that we get. In the 1960s water fluoridation was implemented. That’s why around 90 percent of the water supplies in communities contain fluoride. The reason behind this fluoridation is the need to minimize tooth decay. Its proponents claim that fluoride in water could directly act on the enamel and promote remineralisation.


In a way, fluoride in your water supply is used like a form of drug because it is to prevent tooth decay. But is it that simple? Apparently not. Many critics question the way fluoride was added to the water supply without the permission of the people who will be drinking and using that water. A lot of people also worry about the health risks that fluoride poses in the long run.


How Can Fluoride Damage Your Body?

All right, unless you never drink water from any tap at any time, you get fluoride. And if you’re drinking water mostly from tap than any other source, chances are, you’re getting more fluoride than you actually need. It’s not that different from getting a dose of drug every day. The problem is, you might also be getting fluoride from other sources like oral hygiene products. There is a risk of overdosing in fluoride, and the benefits of getting fluoride do not make it okay.


Fluoride can slowly build up in your body, too, because your kidneys are only able to remove a little over half of it and the rest stays inside your body. And the bad news is some research shows that it can interfere with a number of physiological processes and can impact your overall health. Also, fluoride is not exactly a health requirement. Your body does not need it and if you’re worried about your teeth, there are other ways to keep them strong.


But if fluoride is added to all water supplies, what can we do about it?

If you do not want to drink water with fluoride, you can buy bottled water. But that can both be expensive and inconvenient. There’s another solution for you! You can choose to install water filters in your home. That way you can be sure that the water your family drinks is safer. Call Hayes Plumbing today and find out about your options for water filtration.

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