What Not To Flush: 5 Things that are Guaranteed to Cause a Plumbing Mishap

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It’s so easy. Why open the garbage can when you can simply flush it down the toilet? And it won’t even smell! Unfortunately, your drains may not agree.

Don’t wait until your toilet is overflowing. Avoid disaster by just throwing away these 5 Things That are Guaranteed to Cause a Plumbing Mishap.


1) Food

Yes, it ends up in the toilet anyways. And the odors of food going bad can become quite pungent. But leftover food can significantly clog up your toilet and drains, and you won’t like the results. Instead of having to take a bath with the smell of sewage wafting in the air, just throw the food away.

2) Disposable Wipes

Ah yes, the great power of marketing. Surely flushable wipes won’t cause a plugged drain, they are flushable after all! Unfortunately, that’s a half-truth. Being flushable only means that they won’t stay in the toilet bowl once it flushes; their damage in plugging drains can be significant. They’re simply too thick to make it safely into the public sewage system.

3) Cat Litter

Remember, cat litter is essentially your cat’s toilet. Would you flush a toilet down your toilet? In all seriousness, you can do significant damage by flushing kitty litter. It’s usually made out of clay, and clay mixed with water equals cement. That takes some time, but repeat offenders will seal up their drains with homemade cement soon enough. Even before that, cat litter expands when wet, leading to plenty of plugged up toilets.

4) Diapers

Speaking of expanding: that’s exactly what diapers do when wet, which is how they prevent leakage. Can you imagine how large a soaked diaper would get? Certainly big enough to thoroughly clog up your drains. If you can’t stand the odour, invest in a diaper genie – the toilet should never be an option.

5) Grease

If you’ve ever left cooking grease stay in the pan overnight, you’ll notice that it solidifies once it cools. That’s exactly what happens when it gets flushed, and the results aren’t pretty (or good-smelling). Overtime, as the grease solidifies on the sides of your drains, your openings will become smaller and smaller, eventually clogging entirely. There are plenty of ways to dispose of grease; flushing it down the toilet shouldn’t be one.


If you make sure these five items stay away from your toilet, your chances of plumbing mishaps decrease significantly. Of course, they can still happen! In that case, contact us to let us fix them.

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