Why is There a Foul Smell from Your Bathroom?

Portrait of a beautiful young woman staring into the camera with her eyes wide open and covering her nose with two fingers. Apparently something stinks.

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Your bathroom is your go-to space if you need to groom yourself – bathe, shower, freshen up, or wash your face. Needless to say, it is a really important place and you definitely want it to be a place you’d want to go to. However, if the room smells foul, we doubt that you’d be eager to enter it. That could be really inconvenient and not to mention embarrassing if you have guests at home.


You might think room fresheners can do the trick. The thing is, these kinds of products only masks the smell but not address its source. Often, the cause of bad smell in bathrooms is faulty plumbing. It is important that you figure out the root cause of the foul odour in your bathroom and get it fixed immediately. It may be one of these things:



Dry pipes may be the culprit. Your bathroom fittings are connected to a U-shaped pipe, including your toilet, shower, wash basin, and bathtub. This pipe is connected to your waste water pipe which is hidden behind the wall. One end of the pipe connects directly to the sewer system while the other end reaches all the way up through the roof to let fresh air in and also for ventilation – to push smelly gas out. When the water that normally stays in the U-shaped section of the pipe dries up, the sewer gasses do not vent out all the way to the roof and instead enters your bathroom. The solution to this problem would be to pour water down to the pipe.



A clogged drain can easily foul up your bathroom. Over time, a lot of debris get accumulated in your drain pipes, like dirt, hair, soap scum, and more. These can block the passage, resulting in water not being able to pass through the clogged drain. This accumulated debris, plus the standing water result to that really terrible smell in your bathroom. Call a professional from Hayes Plumbing to remove the waste from your pipes and have it cleaned. This can easily solve the stinky problem.


When there is a loose pipe or there are cracks in your drain pipes, sewer gasses, as well as dirty water seepage, find their way into your bathroom. And you probably already know how awful that smell can be. If you think a cracked pipe is the reason behind the foul odour in your bathroom, contact your trusted plumber immediately for a replacement.



One obvious and common reason for the offending smell in your bathroom is accumulated dirt. If you do not regularly sanitize your bathroom, then you can expect that there would be a growth of bacteria and germs. Remember that your bathroom is always damp which makes it a favourite hangout spot for molds and bacteria. You can find them on the toilet seat, floor, walls, wash basin, and practically every surface. Regular cleaning helps promote fresh-smelling and germ-free bathroom.


If you have tried everything you can and still the rotten smell lingers, do call Hayes Plumbing immediately. No one should have to put up with that kind of terrible smell in a room where your comfort should be a priority.

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