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Hayes residential plumbing in Oshawa is here to help.  Problems with your plumbing system can be a huge trouble for you and your family. If you are hassled by clogged drains, leaky pipes, drippy faucets, and other plumbing concerns, just call Hayes Plumbing. We offer timely, courteous, and efficient repair services that can solve all your plumbing issues and give you some peace of mind.

Aside from being your reliable partner in times of plumbing emergencies, Hayes Plumbing is also ready to work with you on other projects, whether it is something minor like a faucet replacement or a major task like a bathroom remodel. From beginning to end, you can trust our seasoned experts to handle your plumbing worries.

Faucet Repair & Replacement

There are basically four types of faucet. The difference lies in the internal mechanisms that let water flow through them. The different types are ball, compression, cartridge, and disc. When our highly-trained plumber visits your home or business to fix a faucet, the first step he takes is to identify what type of faucet it is. An easy way to know is by checking how many handles it has. Those with a single handle that controls both hot and cold temperatures are ball, cartridge, or disc faucets. Those with two handles are usually compression faucets. To learn more how the faucet works, our plumber can have the inner workings taken apart. This will then let him identify the issue and then fix it.

Leaky faucets are often caused by daily wear and tear that have caused loosening. Sometimes, a simple tightening of a nut or addition of a new O-ring can solve the problem of a leak coming from the handle. At times a sealant fails and it requires a replacement on either an inlet or outlet. These can be easily performed by a professional from Hayes Plumbing. Other problems (especially with really old faucets) require a complete replacement of your faucet. We can install one for you, too! Please call us today for all your residential plumbing in Oshawa needs.

We want you to get back to your regular use of your faucet and other plumbing fixtures! Give Hayes Plumbing a call for any plumbing problem!

John Shaw
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The price was good the workmanship excellent. Our plumber was very knowledgable and friendly and made us feel that solving our issue was his main concern. Would definitely recommend!!